Peer to peer

There is no innovation without education.
That’s why our team at Alexide dedicate Friday afternoons to education, and we do this first by sharing our knowledge.
We are a diverse team and we know that this is a great opportunity for us to develop transversal knowledge.
How do our internal formations work? Every time a team member has something interesting and useful to pass on to others, they take on the role of the teacher, prepare the metrial and take their seats in the course room.

Formazione peer to peer

Outside training

We know that there is a universe of skills and knowledge to learn and that we cannot acquire them all thanks to our colleagues.
That’s why our team also train independently during working hours on the Udemy platform, where everyone can choose the topic they feel they need or want to explore.
Other times we turn to specific professionals in the field in which we want to improve as it happened for the "Effective Communication Course" held with PassoDue.

Formazione esterna

Intern training

Our interns aren’t in the business of photocopying or watching others work, but they are thrown into the fray.
We assign them a project that they work with us on. We give them objectives allowing them to test themselves and eventualy he or she at the end of their period of training sit at the chair of the course room and expose to everyone the project on which they worked and explain the technical procedures and developments.

Intern training

Behind the chairs

Afer we learned, trained and experiment our knowledge and got some interesting results we share this knowledge with the outside.

At the moment we hold a class of "Big Data, Data Mining e Data Analytics" at the Cesena's Campus of University of Bologna.

Behind the chairs

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