Technologies we work with

We mainly work with **Microsoft’s platform tools. Visual Studio ** and surroundings.
The main programming languages for us are C# and Python but around them we use many other technologies and paradigms (Asp.Net, .Net Core, MAUI, angularjs, Flutter, MVC, ...).

We work on billions of data without the classic relational data base and our knowledge of handling large volumes of data is quite extensive. As proof of this we hold the course "Big Data, Data Mining and Data Analytics" for theUniversity of Bologna at the Cesena Campus.
We don’t use the classic DBMS but, when it comes to "old bureaucracy", we draw on skills ranging from **Oracle) *** (on Windows and Linux) to sqlserver (Windows) to MySQL (on Windows and Linux) via SQL Lite

Blockchain Big Data

Our applications

To make our applications easy to configure, maintain and use we have adopted international standards approved by w3c (http:/// The standards in question are XML, XSD, XSLT, ..., although they won’t have to scare you as you’ll only get your hands on them if you really want to do what old programmers called "bit tip".

Talking about Agile Programming (SCRUM) we say that we not only use it for software development but we create a product that can handle it! It’s kind of like using Word to do Word.

We then use CI/CD techniques that allow us to have everything available in the company and that do not force us to exclusively work in the cloud.

Our applications

SolidRules Studio to change the game

Almost certainly the software solution that we will deliver to you will be implemented through the SolidRules Studioenvironment.

Formally SolidRules Studio is the union between a BRMS (Business Rule Management System) and a RPMS (Rule-driven Product Management System) but, for those who use it, is a visual environment that allows you to describe in a natural way logical processes and quickly solve application problems with the same simplicity that you encounter working on tools such as Word and Excel.

Today with the new SolidRules Studio you can design a desktop application and decide, in one click, to turn it into a web application using powerful ready to use graphic layouts (or being able to define their own).

SolidRules Studio to change the game

Our creations

Thanks to the technologies used, years of experience and the creative will that characterizes us we have been able to achieve successful solutions in many application sectors:

  • CAD (Solid Edge, Solid Works, Inventor ed Autocad)
  • Office (SolidRules Office, Word, Excel, Project)
  • PDM (SolidRules InCentro PDM)
  • PLM (SolidRules InCentro PLM)
  • Ricambi (SolidRules Parts)
  • Product Configurator RPM (SolidRules Manufacturing, SolidRules Exchanger)
  • Manuals and Instructions Configurator (SolidRules Manuals)
  • Graphic Planner (SolidRules Planner)
  • CRM, Quality, Service and Ticketing System (SolidRules Desk, SugarCRM)
  • MES (SolidRules Factum)
  • IoT (SolidRules Quantum)
Our creations

Continuous research

Here at Alexide we are mostly technicians and researchers, we spend 80% of our time writing code, creating, testing and experimenting.

We are innovators by vocation and to do so we test first of all (or almost) new technologies. But despite all this we are also aware that the best technology is still the human being. That’s why we put all our best energy into making sure that our team members are able to transfer passion and expertise to every line of code.

Continuous research

Many needs, one product

Thanks to the ability of SolidRules to configure beyond the imaginable it was possible to intervene in several sectors including:

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