What can you expect from us

  • We offer you the best solution for your business from our existing solutions, a combination of them or an ad hoc solution that we can achieve thanks to the unique approach of our SolidRules Studio.
  • organize and keep all your data, charts, statistics and orders. To save you time and avoid mistakes.
  • You will have training and support.
  • We have several years of experience with Italian and international companies, small, medium and large. So we will be able to address your challenge, too.
  • But... if you want blind obedience and keep saying "we’ve always done so" without listening to people with different views then we’re not the company for you, but, we’ll tell you first!
What can you expect from us

If you are willing to change, we will transform your company!

Unfortunately, even the best tool becomes useless if you are not inclined to change and if you pretend to use it the wrong way. But if we work together, we will improve all your business processes and be the ideal supplier for you.

We will transform your company

Organize processes

Make your departments communicate

Your departments finally communicate and collaborate. No information is lost. The data is organized and safe, visible only to those who should know.

Support the sales

Manage marketing activities, produce quotes and offers. Always know every information and data from your personal dashboard and brings home more customers.

Assistance and maintenance

Manage reports on any business document or process.
Schedule and plan your and your customers' maintenance to avoid inconvenience.

Organization of production

From milions to billions of data

Quantum stores the individual surveys and makes analyses on these to extrapolate the KPIs that best suit your business. If you decide to change the parameters of the analysis there is no problem because, starting from the raw data, you have the chance to bring out more objectives.

Machine learning and deep learning

With Machine Learning and Deep Learning you are able to analyze data and learn from it. In this way artificial intelligence makes autonomous decisions based on experience and does not require programming all situations in advance.

Smart manufactory

If you connect your machining center to Quantum at the end of the machining process, you can make the required checks, report anomalies or provide suggestions for continuous improvement and your machines can independently report Start and End of work.

Organize the design

Product Data Management System

Manage CAD data quickly and unambiguously. Get quick storage and information search. Efficiently and securely manage data, vaulting and versioning mechanisms.

Product Lifecycle Management System

The entire life cycle of your product in one place. Any changes made to the documents will be available with previous versions to keep track of them.

Think CAD centric

Technical Office can immediately understand the impact of a change, quickly search for components, manage batch prints and automatically compile the properties of each file.

Questions? We are here for you.

Fill out the form or send us an email to info@alexide.com. We will contact you to provide you all the solutions.

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