Business Organization

With us you won't stop improving

First we question everything and you won't like us. Immediately after we will guide you into change and you will be suspicious. Then you'll fall in love with us!

Business Organization

Alexide is made up of proud and passionate people who love their work.

Seen from outside, in the end we are one of the many software houses that develops a product. Maybe you think that there are already many products like SolidRules on the market.

  • Can we really tell you that SolidRules is the best on the market? We sincerely think so even if we cannot tell you to not appear too arrogant.
  • Can we say that the best tool is enough to solve your company's problems? With the same sincerity as before we can tell you that the answer is no! Unfortunately, even the best tool becomes useless if you are not inclined to change and if you pretend to use it the wrong way.
When we enter a new company we have an approach that tends to question everything and this is sometimes misunderstood.

After all we are not consultants and we should do the things we are paid for. True, we cannot be consultants because the consultant must be a super partes figure and we as producers have a conflict of interest. But those who know us know that the consulting approach is part of our DNA and is not simply the product of our experiences made in hundreds of Italian and foreign companies. It is an approach that we apply every day to us, to our product, to our company. It is an approach of those who want to improve themselves and every time they look back they think that tomorrow everything will do even better. We are not for the quiet life, we are not for compromises, we are not to keep things as they are if we believe that by changing we can get better results.

If you are inclined to change we will transform your company, we will improve all your processes and we will be the ideal supplier for you. If you want blind obedience and continue to say "we have always done so" without listening to those who have different points of view then we are not the company for you, but, we will tell you first!

Business Organization