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The creator of SolidRules couldn't be anyone but a out-of-the-box software house. A company that loves challenges, that questions everything to have always the maximum result.

What do we do?

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SolidRules V10.5 and V11

There is a Quantum of news: from words to facts, from analyzes to actions! Find out more on the SolidRules Release page

One product, many results

Browse Compack News to discover the power of SolidRules and why knowing the relationship between packaging and the environment generates growth opportunities.

Webinar SolidRules Configurator

On February 26th at 2:30 PM a new webinar on SolidRules® Configurator will start, organized by our partner Tech-Value. Register at the link
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SolidRules SolidRules SolidRules

Great ideas start here

Let's start by saying that our team created SolidRules®, "The Solutions Creator". Anyone who has seen SolidRules® in action has already had an idea of what we are made of and what we can do when the problem to be solved is a seemingly insurmountable challenge.


What can you manage with SolidRules?

As SolidRules creators, we can answer: PDM, PLM, Configurators (of Product, Bill of Materials, Quotations, Documents), Spare Parts, Ticketing, Services, Projects, CRM, Production, Web Design... simply everything.

You've come here for a reason and we're ready to meet your needs, whatever it is.


Why choose SolidRules for your company?

With SolidRules you can naturally link information and documents that are in different containers, different desks, different systems to create value for your company and you can have Product, Offer and Bill of Materials Configurator, PDM, PLM, CRM, PMS, MES , Documentation, Spare parts and much more. Want to see how?

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All-in-one company system

Project management system (PMS), customer relationship management (CRM), ticketing system, calendars management, resource management, document and prodution management in just one solution: SolidRules® Desk.


InCentro PDM

The most impudent PDM

Automatic coding, classification, storage, project printing, vaulting, versioning, workflow, bill of materials, multi-cad. You can do all of these things and more with SolidRules® InCentro PDM.


InCentro PLM

The most irriverent PLM

SolidRules® Incentro PLM can provide a supervised, simple and safe sharing of documents (pdf, pdf 3d, images, bill of materials) to all the company and suppliers. For SolidRules® InCentro PLM owners is everyday life.


Configurator Office

To configure documents

If you want to offer existing objects or objects that haven't been realized yet, the solution you need is SolidRules® Configurator Office.


Configurator Manufacturing

To configure products

Create a quotation starting from the website, go through all the stages of the order, manage editing and coding automatically, convert the request in 2d and 3d cad objects. This is SolidRules® Configurator Manufacturing.


Configurator Planner

To configure future

Design layouts and machineries is sometimes essential to win the negotiation. If you don't want to fill your technical office all of these things can be developed by your salepersorns with SolidRules® Configurator Planner.



For your production

SolidRules® Quantum is the new completely self-consistent SolidRules solution that allows you to communicate with your machines in production by managing billions of information and developing analysis to extrapolate the KPIs (performance indexes) best suited to your business.



To manage parts

Less than a minute to create spare parts 2D or 3D files starting from CAD. Just one click and you have all the info about spare parts on the portal. This is what happens when you use SolidRules® Parts.



To estimate costs

When you want to know the cost of each component you usually have to ask and wait for your suppliers to calculate quotations. With SolidRules® Costing you will be able to know the cost of your objects in design phase.


See it in action

Here's a taste of what you can do with SolidRules

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10 ways to manage CAD data

Build a configurator from scratch in just 40 minutes

It communicates with everything

It is certified for your 3D CAD and 2D CAD. You can find it in your Office tools and can communicate with over 50 different management brands

You use it on everything

Each solution is designed to be with you during the day at all times and on any device

It applies to everything

You choose it to solve a problem and discover that it can cover all the needs of your company. From sales to design through production and after sales, every department will fall in love with SolidRules

Undecided about what you need?

Our configurator will guide you towards the ideal solution for your company. Try it now!

Try the configurator

Tailored to your business

An all-in-one solution right in your pocket

Discover the advantages of a full mobile solution from PDM to Production, passing through Quality, Configuration and Automation.

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