SolidRules Exchanger

If you make exchangers this is what you need

The vertical proposal for finned or tube bundle heat exchangers on any CAD.

The configuration solution conceived to sell, design and realize heat exchangers

SolidRules® Exchanger is the configuration solution conceived to sell, design and realize heat exchangers decreasing leadtime. through a simple wizard you define parameters such as:

  • Geometry
  • Ranks
  • Tube diameter
  • Circuit drawing
  • Sides and halfway sides parameters
  • Finned pack dimensions and type
  • Tile features
  • Collector type


Once project parameters are defined you can have a dynamic 3D preview of battery on your pc without any CAD license. All the configuration flow, creation of 3D preview included, can take place on web.

You can immediately have:

  • 3D preview of parameterized heat exchanger.
  • Multilanguage economic proposal.
  • Technical and commercial data.
  • The preliminary bill of materials.

If you need the CAD project you can create:

  • All three-dimensional models of the components directly on your parametric CAD.
  • Bill of materials of the whole project.
  • Heat exchanger layout.
  • Sheet metal floor development.
  • Tubes development.
  • Multilanguage datasheet.

SolidRules Exchanger

Manage heat exchangers in just one click

Discover all the advantages of a solution to manage heat exchangers immediately ready and integrated with your everyday tools

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SolidRules® Exchanger can communicate with the CAD 3D you prefer (Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Inventor). SolidRules® Exchanger is linked to SolidRules® InCentro PDM. This will allow you to have a complete solution thanks to coding, search, existing part reuse, and vaulting tools, typical of SolidRules® InCentro.

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