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SolidRules Desk is the "Company System" that is a single tool for all your staff able to cover the many business needs. On this page we give you an idea of what it can do for you.

Ticketing System

Unlike the "usual" ticketing system designed exclusively to manage assistance, this system allows you to open reports on any document or business process.

Once the ticket is opened it remains close to the document it refers to without having to change containers.

Then each figure within the company finds in the customized dashboards the optimal information to manage the ticket.

Quality System

You have a system able to bring out the possible critical issues in advance as well as a system capable of managing the controls in the various phases of the business process through targeted wikis and checklists.

The ticketing system evolves into a system capable of managing product and process non-conformities.

Thanks to the simplicity in describing content and the widespread management of access and privileges, it is also the ideal system for managing Lesson Learned.

Project Management System

There are excellent tools for planning and scheduling resources, but there are few tools that can do this by putting in the same project the creation of a bill of materials, a document, a ticket, an activity, an intervention, a meeting, ...

Rigid planning today has proven to be valid in theory and much less in practice.

Here it is possible to model the flexible logic at the base of the "Agile Programming" paradigm that allows to keep under control all "critical" situations that may interest the company.

Service System

Not only the management of the intervention at the customer with the acquisition of signatures directly on smartphones, tablets or PCs.

The system allows you to manage all the information of the article subject of the intervention, serial number, guarantee, maintenance plan, documentation, spare parts.

It is possible to schedule ordinary interventions or manage extraordinary ones.

For each machine / serial number, you can keep track of everything you need as a buyer, production date, installation date, tests, intervention statistics, ...

Customer Relationship Management System

Develop your sales process and plan the growth of your company by managing all relationships with leads, potential customers, customers, suppliers, competitors.

The CRM functionalities range from the birth of the Lead to its qualification in the Company or Contact passing through the management of all the phases of the commercial negotiation (Opportunities, Calls, Activities, Events, Planning Visits, ...).

Thanks to the configurator it also becomes an incredible tool for managing offers and orders (purchase and sale). The configurator also configures the bill of materials and the cycles of the object desired by the customer regardless of whether it is producible, already produced, special.

Manufacturing Execution System

The MES system was created to effectively manage the production process even in the case of special productions where from design to production the times must necessarily be minimal.

From the customer order, we pass to the production commission and from this to the production order. The production order is obtained automatically starting from the requested quantity, the production list and the processing cycles.

Once the production order is started it is possible to manage the progress.

Every person in production will exclusively see what belongs to him and will be able to manage Start Work, Pause, End Work.

This serves to track the times and to automatically advance the production process.

Each operator will see on his workstation all the documents necessary for the specific order (2D PDF, 3D vector, distinct, ...) without having to print anything.

The MES allows you to manage the production warehouse, waste, testing, ...

The integration with Quantum allows then to advance the processing phases also independently of the operator.

Human Resource Management System

To complete the proposal there are useful functions for the staff management.

You can manage the safety of workers by defining, for each role, the necessary training and the related schedule. The same applies to health monitoring. For each task it is possible to define the health plan and plan medical examinations aimed at obtaining eligibility.

The management also touches on the subject of recording hours. Through this feature it is possible to complete the order, recover the hours for payroll envelopes and staff expense reports.

Maintenance System

You can manage the serial numbers of the machines purchased, the warranty and the associated documentation. For each machine you can define the specific maintenance plan (periodic or based on specific meters), the suggested spare parts and the check-lists to follow during the maintenance activity.

The system makes it possible to monitor the various work centers and plan the next maintenance activities, distributing the workload to the various managers based on the relevant establishment.