Product configurator

Not the usual configurator

With SolidRules it is possible to manage the already produced, the producible and never produced and the special one.

Traditional product configurators were born to manage the standard and only solve specific needs. In many cases, they are bill of materials configurators built around or inside the management system. When the problem evolves and you must also get another result and cover a different target from the initial one, all their limits come out.

SolidRules® has an out of the box approach and, above all, it wasn't born to manage the standard and "easy" situations. With SolidRules® you can manage:

  • The already produced
  • The producible and never produced
  • The special

The special management is often a problem because it escapes usual schemes, but it is also the italian companies' strength. The atypical and seemingly destructed approach moving SolidRules®, allows it to keep under control the complexity of the special.

It's unthinkable to handle the special by pressing a large button that does everything automatically. SolidRules® identifies the component already made in the past (maybe even special) that has more similar features to the one required. At this point there might also be a non-automatic management part that requires the redesign of some components. At the end of this design you won't need to manage the special manually because you will reuse all the mechanisms that the company adopts in standard cases.

Bidirectional communication with the various business systems (from management to CRM) is the everyday for SolidRules® and certainly not an exception.

If the context of the problem changes, if the goals change, if the ambitions increase, if the management system changes, the investment made on SolidRules® is further strategic as it is able to follow your needs.

The product configuration according to SolidRules

SolidRules® Configurator Office

It is the right choice if you need to standardize and speed up production of all company documents (Quotations, Technical References, Use and Maintenance Manuals, Technical Data Sheets, Engineering Change Requests, Reports, Non-Conformity, Machinery Directive, etc) without giving up the flexibility of tools such as Word® and Excel®. Multilanguage, multicurrency, multicatalog. Available both off-line and on-line on every device.

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SolidRules® Configurator Manufacturing

It is oriented to design, processes of sales and after sales, product configuration, industrial automation, certification of quality. It is the ideal solution for those who need to configure existing bricks (ATO configuration or Assemble to Order) or for those who must parameterize or design something not carried out yet. (ETO configuration or Engineer To Order)

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SolidRules® Configurator Planner

It is a fact that the technicians design and salesmen sell. SolidRules® Configurator Planner allows salesman to create in real time a 3D and 2D project without a CAD license on the PC, without CAD skills and without making mistakes. Then it can provide the customer the 3D project just created directly on the web, including photo-realistic rendering. SolidRules® Configurator Planner.

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