SolidRules Parts

To manage spare parts

It is an application designed for those who have within 2D or 3D CAD documents all the information useful to manage spare parts.

A solution designed for those who have within CAD documents all the information useful to manage spare parts

SolidRules® Parts is an application designed for those who have within 2D or 3D CAD documents all the information useful to manage spare parts. These information can be quickly retrieved and sent to spare parts department, can end up directly on the web portal, on CDs or on the e-commerce module.


SolidRules® Parts allows 2D and 3D spare parts management directly on web. From CAD files in few seconds you can automatically retrieve:

  • Bill of materials or part list.
  • Information related to Variants and Kits.
  • Images of the spare part components.
  • Coordinates of the baloons identifying the components in the technical drawing.
  • The file properties.

  • If you are not a traditionalist, starting from the assembly on 3D CAD, you can retrieve the spare parts information of the entire project in a single click.
  • All the information extracted can be aggregated and displayed to the user via an html preview on the browser. The user can edit the information from CAD or can integrate this information with the information from the ERP, the PDM, etc. Once the spare parts catalogue creation stage is concluded, it can be published directly on a CD or the web (within seconds) and with a click, you have a range of services such as full text search, web browsing, e-shopping cart, transaction management, request tracking.

SolidRules Parts
SolidRules Parts

Who needs it

SolidRules® Parts is aimed at companies in the mechanical industry that manage spare parts and have, in the 2D technical drawing, a valuable source of product information. If the technical drawing for you is not enough and you want to offer your customers a truly innovative experience, you can manage spare parts in 3D, starting right from the solid object you have on your CAD.

SolidRules® Parts is aimed at those who want to provide the customer with a simple system in order to retrieve spare parts requiring a quote. If you want the customer to go a step further, you can offer a complete e-commerce project allowing on-line purchasing. The system permits global order and tracking management.

Turn the spare parts from problem to opportunity

Nobody likes to spend time making a spare parts card that maybe will not bring an economic return. Today you do not even need to create the parts card because everything can lead you to choose the spare part.

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It is integrated with Solid Edge®, SolidWorks® and especially with SolidRules® Incentro PDM and SolidRules® Configurator modules. The preconfigured integration with the content manager Linkersys™ is an added value. SolidRules® Parts is self-contained and includes the e-commerce integration. You can also integrate SolidRules® InCentro Ricambi with e-commerce modules already available on the market or with those already integrated in your ERP. If you are bored of the usual systems, find out the juicy news that SolidRules® InCentro Parts offers.

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