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One product, many results

You probably know that SolidRules is the #PLM that has extended its boundaries to practically intercept every business need. When information enters SolidRules (whether it is a text, an image, a document, a 3D, a BOM, ...) it can be used to automatically produce different outputs (price lists, manuals, offers, spare parts, machine directives, ... ). But did you know that you could produce an entire website, a professional site with the not always common feature of being navigable at maximum speed? Don't believe it and need proof?

Elledì srl, publisher of COM.PACK, the paper magazine that has become the reference point for the world of eco-packaging, has chosen SolidRules to give life to the digital version of its magazine. A magazine with thousands of articles all accessible at maximum speed where SolidRules, in the 'behind the scenes', helps the daily work of the Elledì editors led by the managing director Luca Maria de Nardo.

Browse Compack News to discover the power of SolidRules and why knowing the relationship between packaging and the environment generates growth opportunities.

Webinar SolidRules Configurator

“You don't need the product configurator because you make a lot of special”.

On February 26th our partner Tech-Value will organize a webinar in which it will demonstrate that this sentence is absolutely false… if the configurator is called SolidRules.

We will see how SolidRules can be useful to configure:

  • A product
  • An offer
  • An order
  • A BOM
  • A layout

With SolidRules Configurator we have created a PDM, a CRM, a PMS, …, do you really think we would not be able to handle your need?

Register at the link

SolidRules Lab - Improve your SolidRules' skills

In the coming months, very important news will arrive on the entire SolidRules ecosystem and we promise to torment you with many of those seminars that you will ask us to stop.

But this month we have thought of a set of initiatives aimed at those who implement SolidRules with a new formula for us.

They will not be aimed at the single reseller but you will all be in a virtual room with the possibility of interacting with us and between you.

If you are a SolidRules reseller and you want to participate write to

If, on the other hand, you want to become a SolidRules reseller, the opportunity could be favorable but you should start from here

Young Hackathon Night 2020

Do you love the challenge and want to understand how good you are?

You have the opportunity to do so on 15th and 16th October in the second edition of the Young Hackathon Night organized by the Fitstic foundation in collaboration with Alexide, Area S3 - Casa Bufalini, Netrising, DMA DigitalForBusiness and the Digital Innovation Hub Romagna of Confartigianato Federimpresa Cesena. This year will be a team digital marathon dedicated to fans of Coding, User Experience, Marketing and Communication, Cultural and Creative Industries!

  • 3 challenges
  • 24 hours available
  • 1 solution to be developed
  • coach, mentors and industry experts available for help and advice

I know you would only participate for the sake of the challenge but you must know that there are also some nice prizes. And if you are also interested in the world of work, we can tell you that you have the right opportunity to get noticed. For example, Massimo Tamburini won the last edition today he works in the Alexide SolidRules team!

Scopri di più su

Webinar SolidRules Desk

On 8 May at 2.30 PM will start a new webinar on SolidRules® Desk organized by our partner Tech-Value

It's time to see how to transform your business.

We will talk about how to transform the management of job orders, of documents, of BOM, of commercial contacts, of the assistance, of calendars, …

Come and find out how, sign up by filling out the form at this link

SolidRules February Events

SolidRules dealers have put many physical events on the February menu to see it at work.

On February 6th Desys starts in Viareggio with the Product Configurator (Sito Desys).

On February 21st and February 28th Tech-Value will meet you in Roncade for a dip on the entire SolidRules platform, from PDM to IoT via Desk, Product Configurator and Spare Parts (Sito Tech Value).

On February 26th Sygest is waiting for you in Parma with PDM and Desk (Sito Sygest).

Stay tuned!

The whole Alexide team wishes you Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays by Alexide team! 🎉🎄🎊

On December 20th we release SolidRules 10.5 and immediately after we go to celebrate. But don't worry too much because we are still here on January 7th! For urgencies you can contact us through our online channels

Webinar SolidRules InCentro

On 10 December at 2.30 pm the webinar on SolidRules® InCentro organized by our partner Tech-Value will start

What will you discover?

  • Check duplicate files and broken links in the entire archive in seconds
  • Manage and generate codes capable of adhering to the coding rules adopted by the company (speaking, semi-speaking, pure progressive, ...)
  • Know immediately in which assemblies a component is mounted to understand the impact of a change in real time
  • Guide the compilation of multilingual information and then manage multi-language title blocks
  • Massively align properties based on rules and fix broken links in batches (with duplicate file management, ...)
  • Gestire i meccanismi di vaulting e versioning anche su sedi remote

Registration: link

DIR - IT Romagna District

With the pride of those who believe in a territory rich in passion, determination and creativity, we can announce that the DIR, the IT Romagna District, was born. A project in which Alexide believed from the beginning.

It will be presented to all Romagna software companies on November 28th at 5pm at the Ex Macello multipurpose center - Via Mulini, 25 Cesena.

Webinar SolidRules Desk

On November 8 at 2.30 pm our partner TECH-VALUE will organize a webinar on SolidRules®​ Desk, the company system. What will we talk about?

  • - How to manage a bill of material with the same simplicity that comes from the Technical Office rather than an e-mail from a Customer;
  • - How easy it is to anticipate the birth of problems thanks to the synergic management of projects, progresses, order folders;
  • - How to effectively manage resources, calendars, deadlines and business opportunities;
  • - The cycle that goes from the request of a product, passing through the offer and arriving to the order;
  • - Assistance and Post-Sales;
  • - A platform able to allow the management of documents concerning: security, certifications, quality but also commercial documents, budgets, etc...

Registration: link

Configure your solutions

On October 25th in Lucca one of the protagonists of the event organized by Desys srl will surely be SolidRules! The focus of the event is on everything you need for your company, from PDM to product configuration.

Registration: link

SolidRules Quantum

Someone already uses it but soon everyone will have the chance to officially discover SolidRules Quantum, artificial intelligence ... naturally intelligent.

The vision of the IoT in a SolidRules key could not be anything other than something different, accessible to everyone, self-consistent, clever and terribly concrete.

Find out more on Quantum page

Young Hackathon Night 2019

Alexide is still betting on new players by sponsoring the YoungHackathonNight initiative organized in Cesena by the FITSTIC foundation (ITS) between 20th and 21st of September. This is a digital team marathon dedicated to coding, user experience, marketing and product communication experts. If you want to test yourself with those who share your same passions this is certainly a good opportunity. Among other things, there are good prizes up for grabs as well as the real possibility of being "noticed" as we will be part of the jury.

Find out more at

Job Day Cesena 2019

Today Alexide met the engineers of tomorrow at Job Day at the Degree Course in Computer Engineering and Computer Science Cesena of University of Bologna in the new and beautiful Romagna campus.

There was great enthusiasm at the meeting which was an opportunity to present the new projects carried out in the field of Machine Learning and Virtual Reality.

If you want to do a research thesis on topics that are still unexplored or if you are looking for a job where you experiment every day, send us your Curriculum Vitae to

Webinar SolidRules Desk

1 Document Manager + 1 PLM + 1 CRM + 1 PMS + 1 Ticketing System + 1 Quality System + 1 MES + 1 Maintenance System + ... = SolidRules Desk. Find it out at the webinar organized by TECH VALUE SRL - CCSTEAM on May 24th.

Registration: link

SolidRules becomes PTC Technology Partner for CREO Parametric

Technology partnerships are still expanding by adding a new major player. Thanks to the partnership defined with PTC®, the SolidRules® platform is enriched with the integration with CREO® Parametric.

Go to the list of partners

Free Webinar - Put your Technical Office at the heart of your company with SolidRules InCentro, much more than a PDM!

Registration are now open to the new SolidRules InCentro #webinar. When? On March 1st at 3:00 pm. Find out more on our webinar's page.

Build a configurator from scratch in just 40 minutes

With the SolidRules Studio environment you can send a rocket to the Moon. After reading this statement, you think that: (1) you have nothing to send to the Moon (2) you must configure a machine or a plant (3) you do not want to waste time with new tools (4) for you to configure means to fill in fields in Excel. If this is what you think, take 3 minutes to see how, with SolidRules and a simple Excel spreadsheet, you can create a Web Configurator from scratch, in 40 minutes, that you can use on your PC, Tablet, Smartphone.

Let me be clear, the SolidRules Configurator is much more powerful than that. If you want to find it out, watch SolidRules Configurator video or contact us!


Free Webinar - Company System is in your future

Registration are now open to the new SolidRules Desk #webinar. When? On January 25th at 3:00 pm. Find out more on our webinar's page.

Happy Holidays by Alexide Team

Alexide Team wishes you Happy Holidays! 🎉🎊🎄 Our offices will be closed from December 22nd to January 6th. For urgencies you can contact us through our online channels. Until Friday 1st we will be here developing kg of software.

10 ways to manage CAD data

Are you afraid of PDM too? Actually they are almost all scarier than a Halloween horror movie. Better let it go? No, the alternative has a name and a surname, SolidRules InCentro. Today we give you at least 10 reasons to choose it. Also consider that SolidRules InCentro runs with its 3 siblings (Desk, Configurator, Parts) and it will be the problems to be afraid of SolidRules. Watch the video or find out more at this link

Evento SolidRules 10

On Friday November 16th we presented the news of the new version of SolidRules, an event organized by CCSTEAM and TECH-IN-NOVA. If you could not participate don't despair because soon there will be new appointments and webinars

SolidRules 10 (e lode)

Today is the day of the official release of SolidRules 10 (e lode)! Find out more about the new version on the SolidRules 10 page

Free IFTS course organized by FORMart

Alexide is a partner of the free IFTS course organized by FORMart for the qualification of "Technician of design and industrial design specialized in smart manufacturing". Closed number set at a maximum of 20 students. Don't miss it! Click here to read the presentation.

The release of the new SolidRules is now official

After almost a year and a half of forced labor, on September 27th we will release the new SolidRules. Will we call it SolidRules 10, SolidRules X or SolidRules 2019? You will soon discover it.

Happy Holidays by Alexide

From August 13 to 24, Alexide goes on holidays and will be back on August 27. Happy holidays! :)

P.S.: for emergencies you can contact us using on-line channels.

AAA Hiring staff, the Alexide SolidRules team is looking for you

We are growing rapidly and we are looking for people who want to learn and improve. Are you an IT, management, electronic, biomedical engineer? Do you have a degree in mathematics or statistics with experience in software development? You are not a graduate but you are passionate about technology and eager to get involved? See the announcement: link.

SolidRules On Tour last stop

#SolidRulesOnTour final stage on Friday 18th of May 🚩

Waiting for you at Novotel in Bologna, don't miss it!

Visit the link for more info: CCSTEAM

CCSTEAM and Tech-In-Nova: Top Solution Partner 2018

Once again CCSTEAM and Tech-in-nova are awarded the #TopSolutionPartner award for SolidRules. Once again at the top for quality, professionalism and results.🔝

Congratulations to Anna, Fabio and all team.

SolidRules On Tour second stage

#SolidRulesOnTour goes on in Pordenone this Friday, April 13th. Don't miss it :)

Visit the link for more info: link

SolidRules On Tour first stage

Waiting for you for the first stage of #SolidRulesOnTour2018 in the beautiful Cantina di Soave in Verona!

Visit the link for more info: CCSTEAM

SolidRules on Tour 2018

SolidRulesOnTour is back with the third edition and with a lot of news!

Join the seminars organized by CCSTEAM and Tech-In-Nova to find out more about a tool that is able to manage, in a single environment, everything that makes your company move.

Sign up: link

Webinar SolidRules InCentro

An integrable software with any ERP system, with main CAD platforms and all existing systems in the company? It exists and it is SolidRules InCentro.

Join the Webinar organized by Tech-In-Nova on March 13th to find out more! :)

Registration: link

Webinar SolidRules Desk

Do you have to manage Orders, Documents, Bill of Materials, Commercial Contacts, Support, Opportunities, Calendars and you are using too many tools? What you need is SolidRules Desk. The all-in-one solution that can naturally link information and documents that are in different containers, different desks, different systems.

Join the Webinar organized by CCSTEAM on Febraury 28th to find out more! :)

Registration: link

Release SolidRules 9.1

Do you think our team is focused only on developing SolidRules V10 and that we are neglecting your version? You're wrong!

The year starts with a substantial update on version 9. Thinking of you, we have released SolidRules 9.1

We've always done it this way

To perform a job, the application of a strength is indispensable.

The strength you need to use is influenced by your skills, your collaborators, the tools you choose.

If you are making a huge effort it isn't necessarily so that you are doing a great job.

Simply maybe you did not choose the right team and maybe you are insisting in using the wrong tools.

Were you already aware of that but you worry even more about the investments that you should face to put your business in order?

Then keep reading because there are many good reasons to be optimistic:

  • The Industry 4.0 plan will also be renewed for 2018
  • The tax credit for research and development will still be strengthened
  • 100 million euros have been allocated for the digitization of SMEs ( link )
  • There is a perfect tool to simplify, speed up and maximize your business. Obviously any reference to SolidRules is purely desired.
  • There is a team that can do today what others can only copy tomorrow. Here too, the reference to the SolidRules team isn't random at all.

Webinar SolidRules InCentro

An integrable software with any ERP system, with main CAD platforms and all existing systems in the company? It exists and it is SolidRules InCentro.

Join the Webinar organized by CCSTEAM on Semptember 27th to find out more! :)

Registration: link

SolidRules v10 is coming

The new v10 menu is out!

Chef SolidRules will include:

- New 3D web/client viewer available on PC, Tablet and Smartphone

- New 2D dwg and dxf web/client viewer available on PC, Tablet and Smartphone

- New graphs management/p>

- New workflow management system

- New Outlook addin

- New graphic interface

- New web Planner to create layouts or to configure objects on any device

- Enhancement of existing features thanks to your improvement requests

SolidRules Desk: one container for everything

Do you need CRM, PMS, PLM, Ticketing System, ..., and they're offering you different solutions? Today with SolidRules® you can have everyting in one solution!

Order Management, Documents Management, Bill of Materials, Project Management, Commercial Contacts Management, Assistance, Intervention Management, Calendars and more.

Find out how, in this link!

SolidRules InCentro in India

Real-time co-design and exchange of information between business locations?

With SolidRules® InCentro you can do this and more!

Swegon Group's Blue Box Group Srl and its need to share designs archives with their headquarters in India are an example.

Find out more on CCSTEAM

SolidRules Desk adds MES

SolidRules Desk is more and more a Company System and can now help your company also in production management (Manufacturing Execution System - MES) 🔧

Compared to traditional approaches, SolidRules Desk has direct integration with the CAD system.

At the end of the design, you will be able to automatically have all the data (Bills of material, Cycles) that will be used to explode your production orders.

The tracking system will allow you to manage the progress of production on any device. Say goodbye to Excel files and paper sheets!

PMS & MES Desk event

SolidRules Desk will be the protagonist of the next two new events that CCSTEAM and CCSWEB will dedicate to their clients: Project Management (PMS) and Production Management (MES). The appointment is on June 16th in Roncade, don't miss! For further information visit the following links: PMS and MES.

SolidRules on Tour is back

After the great success of the first edition, CCSGroup raises and organizes a new SolidRules On Tour with 4 stages in the cities of Padova, Bologna, Verona and Pordenone. We'll be there too! More info on CCSTEAM.

Industry 4.0

SolidRules can help your company enter the Industry 4.0 world! Discover technological and tax advantages of SolidRules.

SolidRules V9 is here!

After a year of honored service SolidRules V8 retires. It has been replaced by the new born: SolidRules V9. It's just born but at a glance you already understand that it's not so ordinary.

SolidRules on Tour

On 30th of September in Bologna will take place the first SOLIDRULES ON TOUR event by CCSTEAM and CCSWEB. Next stages will be in Pordenone, Verona and Padova. Don't miss it!

SolidRules V8 Update

We will release an important SolidRules 8 update on june 20. We are proud to announce that the SolidRules v9 version is taking shape. Hold on because it will be a "Star Wars" edition.

SoldiRules V8

SolidRules V8 will be released on 3 november and we made a new promotion to celebrate it.

SolidRules 7.5

SolidRules 7.5 problem, solved! A new SolidRules version will be released this september.

Adobe Solution Partner

SolidRules has reached a new goal and became an Adobe's Solution Partner. This means new important integrations with the leader of manuals and catalogs design and production. See our partners list.

Want to join us?

The SolidRules team becomes even bigger and is still searching for people that can think outside the box. If you wanna join us send your CV to .

SolidRules V7

The wait is over! You can now download SolidRules V.7 on our download area. Nothing will be the same again.

SolidRules is moving!

The SolidRules team moved to the new beautiful location in Ilaria Alpi street 65, Postcode 47522, Cesena (FC). Bigger space for an ambitious project.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

On 24th of october 2014 SolidRules was been one of the main actors of the event "Are you ready for the fourth industrial revolution?"