All SolidRules integrations

Discover all SolidRules intergations: SugarCRM, NopCommerce, Teamcenter, Subversion, Linkersys etc.


SolidRules® solutions are self-consistent for what concerns commercial contacts management (CRM).

Anyway, SolidRules® is natively intergated with one of the most popular open source solutions: SugarCRM®.

If you want to use SolidRules® while taking advantage of SugarCRM®, you're in the right place.


The product configuration and the SolidRules® spare parts management platform is fully integrated with one of most used open source e-commerce in the world: NopCommerce®.


SolidRules® solutions for product configuration, data import and export, coding and batch actions are integrated with Teamcenter® (the best Siemens® PLM in the world) until version n.1.

Today Teamcenter® integration is even richer and all configuration processes can directly communicate with Teamcenter® (both external and internal workflow processes) SolidRules® flexibility and Teamcenter® data organization are a winning team.

SolidRules® InCentro has been conceived and designed to work at the core of CAD and PLM. Some functionalities of SolidRules® can be preparatory if you want to use Teamcenter® in the future. SolidRules® mechanisms return the company reliable, organized, verified CAD data that simplify the transition to any PLM system. Many SolidRules® InCentro functionalities can be a valuable resource both for those who are implementing Teamcenter® and for those who already have Teamcenter®.


Who chooses SolidRules® InCentro can have,at no additional cost, the integration with Subversion®, the world's most popular document secure storage open source system.

For example, directly from your CAD system (Solid Edge®, SolidWorks®, Inventor®, AutoCAD®) you can protect your documents, whether you are working on a part or you are editing multiple components within an assembly.

All SolidRules® solutions can be integrated with Subversion®.


From the beginnning SolidRules® products are fully integrated with Lynkersys™, the manufacturing content manager.

The Office documents, CAD documents, information of spare parts catalogue created and retrieved thanks to SolidRules® can be archived in Lynkersys™ to reach all authorized users. (business departments, suppliers, end customers, potential customers).

In CAD files Lynkersys™ integration allows you to post directly on your business portal PDF vectorial format of 2D artboards, JT or PDF vectorial format of 3D components and retrieved bill of materials, for example from SolidEdge®.

SolidRules® + Linkersys™ = 360° Business Collaboration.