The pdm for the CAD data management (and more).
It is the PDM for CAD files management. install it, run it and you already solved a lot of your problems. if you dedicate some minutes to the configuration of Solidrules® Incentro you will find that it can satisfy all your needs. (coding, research, vaulting, versioning, workflow).

prints, improve archives

protect your data

the right data at
the right time

sharing with
the management system

manage revisions and

who needs it

Consider the time wasted looking for what you need. Think about costs to re-design a component just because you did not notice it was already available. Ask yourself how much it costs to retrieve all the machine’s files when the time of delivery occurred a month ago, a year ago, 10 years ago. Evaluate the production costs considering a change that had not been approved. Why worry when the solution to your problem already exists? It is simple, flexible and at hand.

SolidRules® InCentro is the solution, as CAD is the focal point of all technical information. SolidRules® InCentro incorporates all the valid information in the CAD files and improves your work method straight away after installation has been completed. SolidRules® InCentro simplifies the retrieval of all historical archives with no effort.

immediate benefits

Knowing immediately which component is mounted within the assembly ('instant where used') to understand the impact of a change.

Component Quick Search using file name, property, content (instant search on millions of documents).

Checking in a fraction of a second duplicate files and broken links within the entire archive.

Managing batch prints with possibility to insert, when printing information related to the batch of production, distribution lists, quantity to print, etc.

Creating PDF documents, converting or updating technical drawings and replacing title blocks all in Batch Mode.

benefits after start-up

Managing and generating codes able to adhere to the coding rules adopted by the company, ( speaking , semi- speaking , pure progressive, etc).

Classifying each component in the most appropriate way using the help windows.

Checking the univocal generated codes.

Compiling automatically the properties of each file.

Compiling automatically the title block and title block revision schedules, defining the number of revisions that need to be displayed, (the latest revisions always being available).

Storing documents with the correct routes, (rule templates).

Managing the mechanisms of vaulting and versioning also from remote locations, (either between sites permanently connected or in mixed mode).

Duplicate automatically an entire assembly, (or a part from it), by recoding the parts and the technical drawings involved, (updating links, re-assigning the author, renaming files, etc).

Vaulting Management (Check-in, etc) and versioning of documents (history changing ).

Managing the workflow approval, obsolescence, etc.

Guiding the compilation of multi-language information and managing multi-language title blocks.

Batch Alignment of the document properties templatesd on rules.

Managing interrupted links using batch activities, (with the management of duplicate files, etc).

more benefits

SolidRules® InCentro is not just a tool for the Technical Office or CAD files. It can work with all Office documents ,(Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, etc) and can be extended to any type of document. SolidRules ®InCentro is a terrific solution for creating, saving, securing, searching a document as well as managing the status.

The data validated with SolidRules® InCentro can be formalized on the new module SolidRules® InCentro PLM to reach, with a simple web interface, all those who need to search and consult certified, light files in the most common formats, (such as 2D, 3D, PDF, PDF, JT, PNG, etc). With SolidRules® InCentro PLM you can manage the order documentation, consult the technical bill of materials, browse spare parts or insert comments in a specific document, (e.g. indicating a possible non-compliance, etc).


SolidRules® InCentro is a self-contained tool designed to be at the core of the CAD system, but at the same time, it is also at the centre of the SolidRules® project and therefore ensuring total flexibility. It is closely connected with the whole SolidRules® Configurator product platform allowing any automation goal to be reachable. SolidRules® InCentro was design around Solid Edge®, the CAD system with synchronous technology, that has become the undisputed leader in terms of technology. Today SolidRules InCentro® perfectly integrates with other best–in-class 3D CADs such as SolidWorks® and Inventor®. SolidRules InCentro® can be used in conjunction with DWG / DXF files, for Office documents and all other company documents.

SolidRules® InCentro has been designed considering concepts like simplicity, flexibility and interoperability and can be easily integrated with any ERP without any written integration needed. Some of the mechanisms on the SolidRules® InCentro platform can be used in conjunction with the world leader PLM Teamcenter® workflow. SolidRules® InCentro also has a built-in integration with Linkersys™, the Content Management System for the manufacturing sector.


SolidRules® InCentro increases productivity and reduces costs bringing huge value to the company. It can be difficult to consider expensive investments in such a complicated economic period as the current one. We are pleased to announce that SolidRules® InCentro costs less than you think! Contact us to find out about the licensing fees being entirely affordable and discover how to obtain implementation costs almost free.


Download SolidRules® InCentro's brochure.

ready for Windows

SolidRules® InCentro is supported by Alexide Srl on the following editions of Windows 10, Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise. SolidRules® InCentro is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including - Current Branch, Current Branch for Business and the following Long-Term Servicing branch(es).

Customers can expect to work with our excellent team of Support Engineers (or System Integrators) who will ensure that SolidRules® InCentro is installed and packaged to suit the needs of your business. Customers can find out more information about our technical support services by going to