Solidrules® Desk is the web solution that extend PLM for your company needs. Solidrules® Desk is an all in one desk that always puts all informations in the right place; it let you easily find and retrieve whatever you need (customers, companies, how tos, tickets…). It’s the only desk that keep everything in order; all the documents of all company members.

On Solidrules® Desk when you are watching a document you also have all related informations that could help you to make decisions. you are wondering if Solidrules® Desk is yet another search engine? You are asking if Solidrules® Desk is yet another documentary management into an already crowded market? Well, the answer is no, Solidrules® Desk is so much more than that.


Project Management System (PMS): Order Management, Project Management, Task Management , Resource Management, Activity Progress Report, Time Management Tools.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Company Management, Contact Management, Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Notes Management, Events Management, Meeting Management, Activity Management, Calendar Management, Contract Management, License Management.

Ticketing and Help System: Anomaly Management, Help Desk Management, Instruction Management, Manuals Management.

Company System: Produts Management, Documents Management, Email Management, Production Management, Stock Management, Spare Parts Management, Supplier Management, Company’s Wiki, Workflow Management.

SolidRules® DESK integrates CRM, PMS, PLM, PDM, Configurator, Ticketing System, Management Program… into a single instrument.

why you should choose it

You will choose it for its unique approach to problems and because it will work perfectly even if you are in 10, 100 or 1000.

You will choose it as the natural extension of your PLM and you will choose it will help you to hold together offer, deal, contract, important e-mail, planning, production, technical office, Spare Parts department, quality department, aftermarket, supplier, customer.


SolidRules® DESK is an extension of SolidRules® InCentro PLM from which inherit and extend functionalities and integrations. In SolidRules® DESK we developed privileged and bidirectional management with daily use software like Microsoft® Outlook (email, events, meetings, activities) or Google® Calendar. SolidRules® DESK is able to communicate with some best in class softwares like Microsoft® Project.


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