Solidrules® Configurator Office is the right choice if you need to standardize and speed up production of all company documents (quotations, technical references, use and maintenance manuals, technical data sheets, engineering change requests, reports, non-conformity, machinery directive, etc) without giving up the flexibility of tools such as Word® and Excel®.


The Creation of most common documents, (Quotations, Technical Specifications, Use and Maintenance Manuals, Engineering Change Requests, Non-conformity, Machinery Directive, etc), happens through guided self-defined steps.

The configuration is made answering questions in your preferred language while the final document can be produced in the client’s language or in the one commonly used in your company.

It is possible to achieve the goal of voiding all errors due to inexperience and incompetence.

No need to open the ERP, CRM or PDM mask, in order to create a document as everything is integrated, (the copy/paste is not the highest form of automation!).

Every employee, every agent, every supplier is given a tailor made solution which is automatically updated enabling them to create documents without errors and consequently relaying information across all departments without rewriting and without ambiguity.

Documents can be stored securely directly on the file system, managing the different versions or directly on the web portal.

The application is usable in both desktop and web mode.

who needs it

Suitable for those who want to continue to produce their documents directly on Word® and Excel® but with a "less anarchic" and more effective approach, which allows:

  • standardization
  • speed
  • drastic reduction of errors
  • multi-language management
  • secure storage of documents
  • quick search
  • workflow


SolidRules® Configurator Office is integrated with Microsoft® Office platform products, Subversion®, Linkersys™, SugarCRM®. Clearly the integration with SolidRules® InCentro is included!


Download SolidRules® Configurator's brochure.